2020 is the combined effort of 20 teams, each composed of 20 people who recommended actions with an eye toward the year 2020.

And this is what we are all about. We want to pursue audiences, avenues and actions that will maximize our effectiveness in our Gospel ministries. We must rid ourselves of everything that blocks us from achieving the Great Commission in Louisiana. It’s easy to play church. But we want to be the church. We’ve treated church as an event that we go to, rather than a lifestyle that we embrace. We desire to focus on achieving what God wants.

To be daring…

to dream…

to go for broke…

to synergize our efforts…

About 2020

Prior the Annual Meeting of the Louisiana Baptist Convention in 2012, David Hankins, former Executive Director of Louisiana Baptists, and Waylon Bailey, pastor of First Baptist Covington and then-president of Louisiana Baptists, sat down to talk about their work and what God was doing in their hearts. Neither Hankins or Bailey desired to coast through the next decade before reaching the standard retirement age. This providential encounter was the catalyst of an amazing idea: What if we looked to the year 2020 and worked to make a radical difference in how we do church, evangelize and disciple? This idea overwhelmingly resonated with many pastors across Louisiana who were heartbroken for their state. The idea began to grow legs.

Summary of the 2020 Report

For the next 7 years, Louisiana Baptists will focus our cooperative efforts on:

2 Audiences: The Next Generation and Every People Group

To reach these audiences we will utilize

4 Avenues: Congregational Revitalization, Church Planting, Communication and Collaboration

Using these avenues, we will implement

10 Action Steps, or KAIROS (Key Actions In Reaching Our State)

More about the KARIOS

(Key Actions In Reaching Our State)

Church Planting

Let’s make a difference for the next generation and every people group.  Would you join us as we pray for God’s Spirit to bring about real change in our state? Our goal is to plant 300 churches by the year 2020. This is not something we can do without you, and it is certainly something we cannot do without God! Please prayerfully watch this brief video presentation. It may shock you! (We hope it does.)


Click on the link below for the full report of the President’s 2020 Commission